Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Craft Season is Upon Us.............

As I prepare for many of the upcoming craft shows, I love working with the many Fall colors there are to choose from.  It you are a glass painter like I am you know how fun it is not only to paint on glass but to mix the paints to get just the right colors you need for your special projects.

I have tried many paints but always come back to Folkart Enamels.  I love the rich creamy texture and the way it performs.  I always get a beautiful outcome.
And here are some of the my pieces created with this paint. 

St. Basil's Academy                               11/2/13                            Jenkintown, Pa
Charles Boehm Elementary              11/2/13                            Yardley, Pa
St. Katherine's Ladies Night              11/8/13                             Holland, Pa
Arch Bishop Wood                            11/15-16/13                      Warminster, Pa
St. Andrew                                         12/7-8/13                          Newtown, Pa

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scary Pumpkins and Ghost, Oh My!!

My grandsons get so excited about Halloween. Nolan wants to be a Ninja and Luke wants to be a rainbow robot! Not sure what little Christopher will be (he's 8 months old) but I'm sure he will look very cute!

And we're ready at Morning Glories for Halloween too!

Sunflowers, Pumpkins and leaves oh my!
A spooky ghost candle holder

Hope you have a spectacular Halloween!!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby........... It's Chilly Outside

As the summer season ends and the Fall and Winter season approach it brings with it chilly weather.
The time changes to day light savings time in most parts of the country. It gets darker earlier and all I can think of is pulling out my soup and stew recipes. Comfort food for the body to keep us warm and content.
Nothing hits the spot like a bowl of warm soup!
Chicken, Chorizo and Tortilla Stoup (Stew-like Soup)

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These bowls are the perfect way to serve your favorite soups and stews.

Stay warm and enjoy this nice Fall weather and see many more designs at: