Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Craft Season is Upon Us.............

As I prepare for many of the upcoming craft shows, I love working with the many Fall colors there are to choose from.  It you are a glass painter like I am you know how fun it is not only to paint on glass but to mix the paints to get just the right colors you need for your special projects.

I have tried many paints but always come back to Folkart Enamels.  I love the rich creamy texture and the way it performs.  I always get a beautiful outcome.
And here are some of the my pieces created with this paint. 

St. Basil's Academy                               11/2/13                            Jenkintown, Pa
Charles Boehm Elementary              11/2/13                            Yardley, Pa
St. Katherine's Ladies Night              11/8/13                             Holland, Pa
Arch Bishop Wood                            11/15-16/13                      Warminster, Pa
St. Andrew                                         12/7-8/13                          Newtown, Pa

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