Thursday, February 21, 2013

My first day blogging

I am new to this so bear with me. I promised myself that one of the things that I wanted to do for 2013 was to start a blog about my passion for painting on glass, so here goes!!

One day I was watching the public broadcasting station on TV and I saw this beautiful women demonstrating how to paint with a technique called one stroke painting. Now I have been painting for 30 some years now (oops! I'm giving away my age) and have painted with oils, acrylics, waterbase just to name a few and had never seen anything like what she was describing. But as I watched her create these beautiful designs and making it look so easy I thought to myself, I can do that.

So I went out and bought a few canvas, paint, brushes, one stroke painting books and thought I'm ready now, I can do this! was not as easy as it looks. So I went to my local craft store and bought a video on this one stroke painting. You have to be able to follow a video right?? definitely was not that easy. So I put it all away and thought I would give that up and try something else. But it kept nagging at me and then I saw Donna Dewberry again on TV and thought I'm gonna learn this.

So back I went to my local craft store and lo and behold they were giving classes on one stoke painting. A 3 week class which I signed up for right away. I was taught the right way to hold my brush, the pressure to use to get those beautiful strokes and how to blend the paint. My teacher told me I had a real gift and that I should try to persue this and to practice, practice, practice. And so I did for a year or so. Then I started making hand painted gifts for all my friends and family. They would tell me "you should sell your glassware, it is so beautiful". That was 9 years ago and here I am today with a lucrative business and doing something I love to do.

So never give up on your dreams because thoughts and dreams become things and can bring you much joy when it's something you have a passion for.

This is something new I just created, I'm feeling animal print right now and I love the way it turned out. Animal print is suppose to be real hot this Spring so think animals when you creating your favorite crafts this year.

Zebra and hot pink is always a great color combination!

Margarita anyone!!

You can find this great painted glasses at
So I think I'm gonna like this blogging once I get the hang of it. Hope you'll tune in to see how I progress..........I'm just brimming with ideas and would love to here from you also, till next time
Happy Painting!!!


  1. Great Blog! I enjoyed hearing about your journey with your craft. Keep it up - your work is marvelous!