Friday, September 19, 2014

A cup of Coffee and a Cookie

After a full day at my day job I come home (on most days) make dinner and paint for awhile...........and then it's time for a good cup of coffee and a cookie! This usually happens between 8:00 - 8:30pm. That's when I am ready to take a break from painting and just sit and relax. I get alot of ideas at this time, most of them designs for coffee cups (I wonder why)!?!
We have a Kuerig Coffee Maker and although it's a little pricey I love the way the flavored coffees taste from this machine. I feel it's one of the greatest inventions they could have ever come out with. My favorites are blueberry & creme brulee'. But recently we have found a new place called One Cup Joe. They have some of the best Kcups around. Bannanas Foster, Italian Crème cake, Tiramisu Twist and the list goes on and on! Some people say that I'm not a real coffee drinker ......but I say whatever floats your boat and makes you happy is what's right for you!
So the next time your enjoying your favorite cup (no matter what it might be) with your favorite cookie, hop onto your computer and visit Morning Glories. You just must find a beautiful coffee/tea mugs to make your drink break special. 

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